Side Effects by L. J. Greene

received from Xpresso Book Tours

number of pages
December 13th, 2021
romance, contemporary, adult

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I adore this book. <3

Ally just finished her MBA and got a job at Jet Stream Studios. Her uncle who was her biggest supporter got her the job. She doesn't feel like it is nepotism, cause she is very good at what she does, but still wants to prove herself. Her uncle warns her about Marcus. 

Marcus is one of two bosses, the one that doesn't particularly like anyone, that is not directly on his team, especially her. He appears antisocial and doesn't back down from anything. He goes for what he wants and thinks Ally is set there as the spy. 

He is proven right when her uncle asks her to report if she sees something. However, when things don't add up, Ally goes to Marcus instead of her uncle. And the more time they spend together going over numbers, she sees different sides to him and starts to like him. :)

I love them both: how open Ally is and how her openness slowly crumbles Marcus's defenses and how true to himself he is, he stands for his values and his company no matter what. 

It's a slow build, enemies, to loves romance, and it's soooo good. :)


Who can you trust?

Ally Michels is fresh out of her MBA program at Cal and has landed her dream job at hot, up-and-coming video game developer, Jet Stream Studios, all thanks to her uncle, Jet’s largest venture capital investor. She’s feeling pretty good about her future until an inadvertent blurt in a company meeting brings down upon her the dangerous attention of Jet’s co-founder and chief developer, Marcus Abby.

Beautiful, brilliant, and vicious, Marcus is every bit the arrogant, deceitful founder her uncle warned her about. But in the power-fueled world of venture capital investing, things aren’t always what they seem. When Ally finds herself caught up in a play for corporate control, she must work with Marcus to save the company and an ideal she believes in, while navigating perilous family loyalties and fighting to hold onto her own integrity.

For Ally, there’s just one rule: never, ever trust Marcus Abby. Because the one man she needs to stop a high-stakes plot is the one man who has every reason to want her gone.

SIDE EFFECTS is an adult contemporary, twisty, underhanded, certainly unscrupulous . . . romance.

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  1. Hi Anie, I just wanted to thank you for reading and reviewing Side Effects. I am thrilled you enjoyed it and am so grateful for the opportunity to showcase it here. Blogs like yours are the lifeblood for indie authors. You give us a voice. Thank you so much for that. Warmly, LJ Greene


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