Meet Me Under The Northern Lights by Emily Kerr

received from NetGalley
number of pages
December 3rd, 2021 by One More Chapter
romance, adult, Christmas, contemporary


Love the setting. <3

Lucy is a radio host, quite well known. She is good at her job, but lately, her addiction is getting in the way. She spends a lot of nights drinking and has a hard time coming to work on time, always the life of the party. 

The last straw is when an edited video of her goes viral. Media backlash follows. There are threats, people are taking sides and Lucy just wants to escape. Her friend Skye's brother owns an outdoor retreat, close to the arctic circle, Wild Zone. When offers come her way, she can't refuse. 

She agrees to help with guests, in return for her stay, but getting on the same page as Tommi, the hot owner, is a little bit hard.

I love the storyline and the setting. I was transported to Finnland and the beautiful retreat. But I had a hard time liking the characters. I didn't feel like I got to know Tommi and Lucy enough to root for them.

happy reading,


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