Frost Mate by Elle Beaumont and Candace Robinson

received from author


Demons of Frosteria #0.5
number of pages
December 22th, 2021
dark romance, fantasy, demons, paranormal

Demon King created the Krampi out of one drop of his blood. They were made to protect against changelings.

Koreth trains the army, he wants to kill as many changelings as he can. When the new recruits arrive, he comes across Zira. She is as ruthless as he and full of vengeance. Changelings killed her family. He is instantly attracted to her. And the attraction is mutual. The sparks fly, but they have a mission to do.

The story is set in Frosteria, the home of Krampi and the mortal world. I love the take on Krampus mythology and the setting, it's very well done and it brings the story the life. The monster romance genre is fast becoming one of my favorite. :) It's the kind of book you breeze through, cause you can't put it down.

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