Towers and Tithes by Christina Bauer

Grayson is a half-troll, half-elf - an Osmos and lives in a cottage in Faery that she can't escape. She is held there by the Prism Master until some Rapunzel chooses her as her tower tithe. What he doesn't know is that she has magic, she keeps that very well hidden. The only thing that helps her pass the time, is healing pups, and talking to Elle. 

One day the opportunity arrives for escape, but she ends up at the palace of her captor and is soon chosen to be the Tower Tithe to the most horrible Rapunzel ever, lady R, who has a nasty habit of killing her tithes. 

Dex is an alpha a Wulfheim. His home is filled with orphaned shifter pups, but his home will not be safe for that much longer if he does find his Vita, his soulmate.

When he first sees Grayson, he knows that she is his Vita. So he does all that he can, to protect her and help her escape from Lady R. 

It's a fast-paced, intense story, that you have to read in one sitting - it's impossible to put down. :) It ends on a cliffhanger, so I hope that the next book in the series will be out very soon! :)

I love the romance in this book, it's still in very early stages, but the chemistry just jumps from the pages. :) It's great to see a bit more of the world with each new book in the series, and there was even a Jacoby cameo (love him<3). :)

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November 9th, 2021, by Monster House Books
paranormal, urban fantasy, romance, ya


I’m a Tower Tithe with a Rapunzel problem. That’s not as weird as it sounds.

Ever wonder how Rapunzel survives without leaving her home? After all, someone must stock groceries, buy hair products, and fix the plumbing. Witches don’t wield toilet brushes, so “Rapunzel care” becomes the job of Tower Tithes like me. Not that we choose this gig. We’re just unlucky elves who get magically chucked into servitude. Since our kind live for ages, being a Tower Tithe can drag on for thousands of years… and I’m eighteen. Yipes.

That said, it wouldn’t be too awful if I had a cool Rapunzel. No such luck.

I serve none other than Lady R, the social media sensation and sadist who lives in Manhattan’s famous Apex Towers. With the help of her manager—a witch named Jocasta—Lady R releases daily gossip videos while assigning me “torture chores.” Many tasks are designed to remind me how Lady R is the gorgeous variety of elf, while I’m beyond plain. I spend a lot of time scheming my escape.

My work pays off when an eccentric billionaire offers to magically set me free. The catch? I must move to Arizona and become his personal assistant. Needless to say, I rush for the door. Turns out, my new employer is none other than Lady R’s ex-boyfriend, Dex, a guy who was blinded in a strange accident and has since become a recluse.

In other words, I ran from my fairy tale life, but it found me again anyway.

At this point, I should head for the hills, yet I simply can’t leave Dex. For the first time, I truly feel comfortable around someone. In all honesty, it’s probably because I have self-esteem issues and Dex can’t see my bland face. Even so, it’s all good until Lady R discovers where I am. And that leads to my Rapunzel problem.

With Lady R back in the picture, can I still find my happily ever after? The truth will emerge soon enough.

Because my name is Grayson Eyre, and this is my story.

Ideal for readers who crave a mash-up between Rapunzel and Jane Eyre.

1. Wolves And Roses
2. Moonlight And Midtown
3. Slippers And Thieves
4. Shifters And Glyphs
5. Bandits And Ball Gowns
6. Fire And Cinder
7. Fairies And Frosting
8. Towers and Tithes

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