Madness by Paityn Parque

One night Ezra is murdered in her own bed. She wakes up not in the afterworld, but inside of a sick game. 

Inside the game, players can be killers over and over again, the only way to really die is to commit suicide. But the game is ruthless and the players are very brutal. It's like a mash between Hunger Games and video games. Players all have levers, that go up with time and kills, they have infinity lives and can unlock new skills, but the game is controlled and set up by someone and for a reason, only we don't know what that is yet.

Ezra runs into a guy she calls Speedy on her first night. She lucks out, he takes her under her wing and trains her. But he has secrets of his own. Each player can have skills that get unlocked over time, Ezra's is particularly dangerous, but she soon learns to use it and use it well. 

The ending was very unexpected and made me curries about what is to come next. :)

I like the storyline very much, I got sucked in right aways. It's intense and fast-paced, there are very few slow moments. What I missed what the depth, emotions, and characters.


received from author
Engine's Game #1
number of pages
August 11th, 2021
dark fantasy, sci-fi

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