Books of October

Last few months I've been drowning under TBR piles. There were books everywhere. Some I had to read sooner, some I wanted to read right away, but in reality, I didn't read all that much.

I don't well with overwhelm. The piles get stuck in my head and I have a hard time focusing on what I'm reading at the time, but instead thinking about all that remains.

And most importantly I was done whining about it. :) Something had to be done. So about a month ago, I went on a mission. Went through all the books, everywhere, wrote down all the numbers, had a moment of panic, and then when to reading.

My intimate goal was to get numbers down to manageable, so I can take my time with new books and read with joy, not in rush.

Maybe is it because I had a goal in mind, maybe because I have a lot of contemporary romances on my TBR list, but I managed to get the numbers quite manageable.

My Kindle is still full and I'm still a little bit behind, but the joy is back. :) and now I actually have time to pick out new books, to walk the library and pick up random books, to browse bookstores, online and 3D ones.

My current stats are:

And now I have a shit ton of reviews to write. :)

Anyhow, because of all of this, I've finished 23 books in October. Here are my favorites:

Little BooSaves the Halloween it's a children's book, I've read it to my niece and we both liked it. It's a cute little picture book with spooky monsters and beautiful illustrations. Another children's book I loved is the Eli and mystery of the Hallowshine Dragon. It has a lovely story and breathtaking illustrations.
We Are 100 is an excellent crime/ thriller. FBI is investigating crimes that seem unrelated at first, but there are connected through a website. Every time one of the 100 commits the crime, his video with confession and reasons comes up on the site. 
Most of the books I've read (and loved) were Christmas romances. :) I love books, that get me excited for Christmas, and are so comforting to read...

Some of my favorites were Meet Me in London, Just for the Holidays, Christmas in Rose Bend, and Sleigh Bells Ring
. Reading the books felt like drinking hot chocolate on a snowy day, heartwarming and sweet. :)
It's been a month of romance books. :) I also like Wild for Me, It's the third book in the series, each following a different member of the Rock Band finding their love.
I've heard a lot about Jojo Moyes on Tik-Tok, so when I went to the library and saw her book, I had to take one with me. :) I've read The Giver of Stars. Not sure if I was just lucky, or if all of her books are so good, but I fell in love with the story from the very start. :) It's set in the depression era and follows women as they set up a traveling library in the Mountains of Kentucky.

What was your favorite book in October?

happy reading,


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