Audrey by Sean-Paul Thomas

Joe just got out of prison and is trying to get his life back together. Because of what he did, he lost touch with his wife and kid. He takes full responsibility, but still yearns to get a bit of his old life back. 

He lives with his friend and works as a builder, but that is not all that he is. He always loved movies and writing scripts. Now that he is out, he wants to write more and make something of himself.

At a local film festival, he meets Audrey. Audrey wrote the script for the movie he went to see and had a small role in it. A one-night stand turns into the opportunity of a lifetime. Before she leaves his apartment she snoops around and finds his script. One thing leads to another, and before he knows it, he is on a way to Paris. 

He has a chance of a different career, of a new start and I just love what he does with it.

It's a different kind of story, the storytelling the plotline, it's very different, but I was pulled right in and couldn't put it down. The writing is very, very good. The way the author describes everyday life and people, it paints a very vivid and dimensional picture. However, what makes the story truly stand out, are the characters. They are deeply flawed, with baggage and pasts, make many mistakes, but that is what makes them so real. They have dimension and depth, no one is perfect here, but almost everyone is likable in some way. 

I enjoyed reading it very, very much and highly recommend it to anyone who likes romance a bit unique. :) Also, this would make an awesome movie. :)

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May 21, 2021
romance, contemporary

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