Two Houses by Suleena Bibra

Priya Gupta had to fight fiercely for all she got. Her father runs the family business, an NYC auction house. It was always her twin who was considered the next heir. Only he has more interest in painting. Her father gives her a little piece of the business and she makes it successful, but getting her father's approval is still far off.

And then there is Gavin. Her childhood rival and heir to heir auction-house completion. They are always in completion, and not above playing dirty. It would be easier for her if she wasn't extremely attracted to him. :)

The latest client, they both really want, invited them for a week at this estate, to convince him to pick each one of them. Being in such close proximity, with sizzling chemistry and undeniable attraction, makes them cross the line. :)

It's the most romantic enemies to loves book ever. The banter, the dialogs, are THE best. :) I was giggling all through the book... :) It's very romantic and very, very steamy. :)
received from NetGalley
number of pages
contemporary, romance, adult
October 5th, 2021 by Carina Press

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