The Finest Lies by David J. Naiman

Nicole and Jay, are typical siblings, always fighting and getting on each other nerves for something or other. 

After the last squabble, when Nicole has just about had it with her brother, the ad appears on the tv. The mysterious man claims that he can exchange her brother for a better one. Aggravated, Nicole agrees. What she gets, is not exactly what she wants and things get out of hand very quickly. The robot brother seems perfect at first but turns into more of a pain. She is confronted with past memories while trying to handle what is unraveling in the present and quickly, what was supposed to be an ordinary snow day, turns into quite an adventure.

It's the writing that makes the story stands out, funny, full of puns and random pearls of wisdom, it's a delight to read. The story is about sibling relationships, growing up, peer pressure, and staying true to yourself. Nothing like seeing the past to make you think about the future. :) And it seems like the ad got them just in time. :)

I'm not sure about the genre or age that this book would be the best for, it falls somewhere in between.
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October 14th, 2021 by Empire Old Line Media

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