Sienna by J. F. Johns

The story is set in a world, where the worst thing you could be is a cyborg or someone who loves one. A long time ago people started to hate cyborgs, now the world is divided between them. Being cyborg means being hunted, displayed parts of you like trophies, or being sold into slavery or parts. If you are someone who liked them, you don't fair all that well either. 

Sienna wakes up in a palace, as one of Masters daughters. There are many girls, each with different talent, sisters, who lives with her. Each time Master kills one of the cyborgs, he marks them to celebrate the occasion. He makes them perform for his friends and more.

She is determined to escape the nightmare. In the time she spends there, she became close with Masters son, Ero, who is in a way as trapt are they are. They form an alliance and have a plan to escape, but first, they have to survive.

I loved the story! It's very dark, twisty and so very intense. Sure, there are few problems, a few things I didn't like, but I was so drawn into the story, that I barely notice them. 

Can't wait to see what happens next. :)


received from NetGalley

number of pages
dystopian, sci-fi, fantasy
December 2021

happy reading,


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