To Aloha With Love by Lindy Miller with Terence Brody

It's just the sweetest story... of coming home and finding your way back to yourself. <3

Jenna just had the worst week. Her big job opportunity that she worked so long on, felt though, she got dumped and then her Aunt May, that she used to be very close to, passed away.

Filled with mixed emotion, she sets back to Hawaii for the funeral, but Aunt May is not done yet. In her will she left her once beautiful house and land to Jenna and her sister Sarah, they can live in it or sell it, but before they have to fix it. Aunt May even left money for the renovations and who she wants as a contractor. 

Jenna is set on wrapping things up fast and going back to her old life, but Ben, the contractor won't just give in. The more time she spends on the house, the more she is torn between what life she really wants...

It's a beautiful, heartwarming story, of love and coming back home, of what really matters in the end.

Highly recommend it! 


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dark fantasy, romance
July 13th, 2021 by Rosewind Books


Soon to be a motion picture.
From the screenwriter of Rescuing Madison and
A Lesson in Romance on Hallmark

“[A] charming romance. Miller and Brody do a masterful job of pacing and plotting, while creating a hero and heroine readers will easily relate to. This sweet, G-rated contemporary should draw in Hallmark Channel devotees in droves.” ~Publishers Weekly

After a tough week that includes losing a big job opportunity and being dumped by her long-term boyfriend, Jenna Burke receives word that her beloved Aunt May passed away.

Traveling back to her Hawaiian hometown for the reading of the will, Jenna discovers she and her sister have inherited May’s dilapidated Victorian home on desirable beachfront land. The sisters can do whatever they want with the property, but there’s one catch: the house must be renovated before it can be sold, and Jenna has to oversee the work. Their Aunt even stipulated the contractor for the job—Ben Fletcher—who has a gift for making things beautiful again. He also has another skill: driving Jenna crazy.

Jenna vows to sell the property the moment the job is done. But as Aunt May’s broken old house starts to feel like home again, Jenna is torn between the life she’s been chasing in the city, and the one she’d left behind.

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  1. Lovely review, Anie! This sounds like a really heartwarming read! Glad you liked it!


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