The Bone Valley by Candace Robinson

There is no book by this author I haven't loved, however, this one gets its own category. :) 

Set in a fantasy world, The Bone Valley is a very dark and very romantic story, of Anton and Nahli, who find love in the afterlife... Anton's family is very poor, he supports it by selling himself to wealthy women. His occupation doesn't make him the most popular guy, but he does what he has to do, in order to help his siblings. The trouble arises when he tries to quit. His most loyal costume does not like it and makes sure he will regret it. He finds himself in The Bone Valley, made out of nothing but bones, cursed to spend his eternity there alone. 

Only he is not alone. 

Nahli came to town with her childhood friend, running from the marriage, in search of a better future, but finds herself alone and having to steal to survive. Having not stolen enough, she dies and is awoken again.

It's a story full of mystery, magic, and romance. The world is masterfully created and characters so vivid, you can't help but love them all... :) I was sucked into the story from the first chapter and couldn't stop reading till the end... Highly recommend it to anyone who loves the darker side of fantasy. :)

Aaand totally unrelated to the story... the cover, it's absolutely stunningπŸ’œ


received from author

dark fantasy, romance
October 12th, 2021 by Midnight Tide Publishing

happy reading,


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