On the Way to the Wedding by Julia Quinn

Gregory believes in true love. So much so, that he is looking for it everywhere. At his brother's party, he sees a girl and is convinced that he feel in love. The only problem - she does feel the same. Her best friend are use to that, everyone sees Hermione for her beauty, and she is just someone that talks to get to the real prize. 

Something about Gregory makes her want to help him. She tells him that Hermione is in love, but that does stop Gregory. She even gives him advice on how to get close to her. It seems to be working until they find her in a compromising position with Lucy's older brother. :) 

Gregory realized that it couldn't be love, because he is not all that heath broken because of it. And then he kisses Lucy. :)

Lucy is engaged, her uncle basically forced the engagement on her and she went along with it. Too bad, she feels for Gregory... :) And when she tries to get out of it, the truth of why she has to marry is revealed. 

Gregory tries to stop the wedding, unsuccessfully, but the story does end there. :)

It's quite different from other Bridgerton books but equally addicting! :) I loved reading it! :)

Bridgertons #8
adult, romance, historical, regency
June 27th, 2006 by Avon
number of pages

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