Haven by Karen Lynch

I didn't read past the original series for many re-reads. Loving the series, and all the characters, I was afraid that I won't like the books... it's a bummer, that I was kind of right. 

Haven follows Roland on his happily ever after. He has a good job, he's making plans, the only thing missing is a mate, which he is avoiding by all means. This time, when pack gathering comes round, he can't escape it. The trouble is, that he finally finds his other half, but she is not like he could ever imagine.

It's a lovely story, but I wanted something more earth-shattering for him, something awesome... He is one of my favorites in the original series and I don't think the story did him justice or Peter for that matter. I just wanted... more.


Relentless #5
ya, urban fantasy, paranormal, werewolves
May 2nd 2017

happy reading,


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