Weatherman by Price Doom

Sonny and his daughter Hearth are on their own, running from God. He has superpowers, he believe that only he can save the Sun and that he can help people. He talks to Heart about it since she was little and it's all she knows, so she believes. Over the years she starts to notice stuff that doesn't quite make sense, like the girl in the back of the car that he supposedly healing, and books that she is reading, that tell a different story. But he always has an explanation. 

One day she manages to go away for a bit and looks for her mom on line. The harsh reality of her life and she came to be is revealed, however, Sonny is not giving her so fast.

I love the premise of the story and the writing is on point. It's like walking in the shoes of a delusional person and seeing him raise a child in that world of his.

The storyline was good, but I felt like there was something missing, like how the daughter stops believing him-I wish there was more in between -I trust you completely and -I'm going look for my mom. It felt like there was missing a piece. 


received from author

March 16th, 2021

happy reading,


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