Tides-Ada Hughes Novella by Patricia Morais

That was a totally awesome and intriguing read, I want more! 

Ada lives with her two little brothers and father in Tide Springs, a little fishing town. She working as hard as she can, so she can save enough money to take her brothers and leave far away. The home that they live in is very toxic. Father is quite horrible. He used to be a fisherman, but lost his job and now spends his days drinking and making trouble. Ada has to take care of everything and prone to violent outbursts.

Then children start to disappear from their beds. She does all that she can, but tragedy still struck. It's the end of an era but opens up her life to a whole new world.

It's not a long book, and I read it super fast, cause I needed to know what happens next. The writing is beautiful, and the mythology intriguing.

Highly recommend it!


received from author
June 8th, 2021
ya, fantasy, paranormal
number of pages

happy reading,


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