Reading Diary || #24

It's been quite a week, a week of rest and restoration (that I was in dire need of), a week of extreme heat (the hell is up with that, I felt like melted crayon most of the days :)) and a week of Bridgertons. : I've read a lot, anything I had time. 
Over the weekend I watched a little bit of the series on Netflix and got the biggest urge to read the rest of the series (I've read #1 and #2 and then stopped for who knows what reason).
 I got #3 An offer From a Gentleman from a library and read in one giggly, happy swoop. :) And then I couldn't stop... I had the whole day to myself-that helped and  I just read. I finished Romancing Mister Bridgerton by lunchtime-I think that is my actual favorite of the bunch, it has Colin<3 and To Sir Phillip, With Love by evening. That I had to sadly stop, cause apparently expecting the whole world to stop until I'm done with the series, it's too much to ask? 😁

I couldn't sleep all that well, I'm getting a second dose of vaccine tomorrow, and I'm a little bit nervous. Of what precisely? Of finding a parking spot... πŸ™ˆI like driving, but parking, that's an actual nightmare for me...It is what it is. πŸ˜‚
Anyhow that means more reading time. I've devoured When He Was Wicked. I think it's my actual favorite, it felt like the world stopped around me... <3

And then in the evening, I got to It's In His Kiss, love the heavily featured Lady Danbury and the last one On the Way to the Wedding. Suffice to say, my head was buzzing with all the words by this time. If I read a bit more, I'll transform into a ball gown. πŸ˜‚I dreamed of dances and lords and dukes all night long. Not a bad dream to have. 😁

I've read a short story Weatherman in the morning, it wasn't what I expected, and was left a bit disappointed. After that, I had a reading break... There are only so many stories I can fit in my head before it explodes. :)

Never mind all that. I went to the library yesterday in hopes of getting all of the Bridgertons & re-read. I have s problem... I know. But couldn't get any, however, I cleared all Julia Quinn book I could find... 😁Librarian was looking at me like I lost my mind. It's a possibility. πŸ˜‚ In the afternoon I started on book #2 in Smythe-Smith quarter A Night Like This (they didn't have #1). I hoped to love it, but it doesn't have the same magic ingredient as the Bridgertons series. :) I like it, but not a lot. 😁I've more on to The Sum of All Kisses (I loved that one, the whole enemies to lovers- that's totally my thing, and the way she portrayed him fighting with a cane, that had to be the hottest scene in all of the books ... ) and The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy, which one I dislike a lot. The lead was so not good, with no redeeming qualities.
I was so disappointed with the last book I've read I barely to any sleep. it was a very busy day too, but I got away as much as I could and read Because of Miss Bridgerton
It's the first in the Rokesbys series and I'm glad I did. It's a lot more similar to the Bridgerton series and it helped to wipe that last one out of my head, Iris deserves better, just saying. :)
In the evening, I've read Happily Ever After, featuring the 2nd epilogs of all Bridgertons books, and absolutely loved it. I read in the shower, all hour dinner and now I have to go sleep. And preferably dream of Colin<3. 

happy reading,


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