Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

I waited for this book, ever since I've read the draft that the author posted on her page after the book was leaked. OMG, I was not disappointed at all. 

It the best of all Twilight books. :) Being in Edward's book, gives the story a whole new layer and even Bella doesn't sound so mellow anymore. :) 

The same story from the original Twilight is told from Edward's point of view, but the feeling when reading the story is not the same. It's a much better to experience. <3

Also, it's very long. :) But I loved every page. It's totally awesome. :)

Highly recommend it to all Edward fans. :)

The Twilight Saga #5
August 4th, 2020 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ya, romance, paranormal, vampires
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