Huntress by Christina Bauer

 I was looking forward to reading Huntress's story, she was always somewhat of a mystery and now I know why. :)

Huntress is a hive queen novice, she has the potential to be Queen of glass dragons one day and Gage is her rhana. He has access to the memories of his Manchester. They are destined to be together. Then a tragedy happens, their people are destroyed, with just a few surviving. They are spit out 500 years later. Huntress is found and adopted by the king and queen. She blocks her memories, so she can have a life with them.

When they meet in the future, the attraction is instant, but the road to love is a very slow burn. I enjoyed reading it very, very much. :)

The writing is awesome, as usual. :) The story is fast-paced, funny, and intense. I loved reading it. :)


received from author
May 25th 2021
paranormal, fantasy, ya
number of pages
Angelbound Offspring #7

happy reading,


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