Follow Your Hearth by Brenda Jackson

Victoria is next in line for her matchmaking grandma extraordinaire. But not like another member of her family, she is very happy to be next and to meet the love of her life. She thinks she has her grandma all figure out and knows who the guy is, but she feels nothing for him and he for her. Regardless she is willing to put all her trust in her grandma. 

In the meantime, she meets Roman. He is a politician, but also hot and kind, and they have inside chemistry. The more time they spend together deeper the bond gets. But she is still holding back. 

Tanner, the guy she thinks she is supposed to be with her, falls for the health inspector. :)

It's a lovely story of two reluctant couples finding love. While I somewhat liked the storyline, I had a hard time staying focused on the book, it was overly long.


received from NetGalley
April 27th, 2021 by HQN Books
contemporary, romance
number of pages
Catalina Cove #4

happy reading,


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