Westwood University by Alexandria James

This is one addicting book. :)

Ezlynn has her life all planned out. She just applied to a grad school and set on studying as hard as she can, so she can cure cancer and no kid has to watch his mother die like she did. She is hyperfocus so much so, that even her past relationship suffered. She logical and doesn't believe in any kind of supernatural.

So in a little act of rebellion against the supernatural belief, she rings the forbidden bell and opens the gates of hell. The only good thing that comes out of it, is that she has a new guardian, Phoenix. Their chemistry is on fire and soon they get together against all odds.

It's an intense story, full of twists and turns and steamy romance. :) 

It's a page-turner, constant suspense, the kind of book that is very hard to put down. :) Only complaint, I had a very hard time like Ezlynn...


received from Silver Dagger Book Tours
May 4th, 2021 by Swoon Reads
na, paranormal, fantasy, romance
number of pages

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3 months. 90 days. 2,160 hours.
That's all it took for my world to fall apart.
My life had always been so certain, I've had a concrete plan for as long as I can remember.
Until the day I was accepted into Westwood University.
Until I let anger morph my actions.
Until I opened the gates of hell.
Until him.
His eyes are what first caught me, I was a fly in his web. Once I was bound in the threads, I was doomed. I let him consume me, all of me.
I was in too deep when he told me the truth...

happy reading,


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