Duke & I by Julia Quinn

In Regency London, it's the start of a new season. For Daphne, Bridgerton is the second season. She is everyone's friend, but no guy finds her desirable. (At least that what she is convinced, I think is more of 3 older brother issues. :)). One night, she runs into Simon, the new Duke of Hastings and the most eligible bachelor in London. They form a pact, he doesn't want to get married, and really, really wants to. They will pretend to court, so Simon will get peace from eager mamas and Daphne will get more suitors.

It goes well at first, but love always finds a way. :)

The story is far from perfect, there are some cringy scenes (especially that one with Simon and Daphne towards the end). However, despite all of its faults, it's incredibly addicting, I couldn't stop reading and read it in one sitting. If I had the other books in the series, I'm sure I would have read them all and not sleep for a week. :) 

It's light and easy to read, a perfect beach read. :) 

Bridgertons #1
December 2020 by Avon
historical, romance
number of pages

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