Ozma by Candace Robinson, Amber R. Duell

Imagine being stolen as a baby, having your whole identity stripped, magic drained, and forced to work for the horrible witch, then finally breaking a curse, only to be put by the wizard to the Dark Lands, another horrible place filled with danger and monsters. And when you finally free, you have not only come to terms with your identity, try to get your lover back, but somehow take over the Oz. :)

I just want to give Ozma a hug. :)

Life just keeps throwing roadblock her way. However, she just keeps going on, with a lot of grace and strength.

Jack was also stolen as a child and forced to work for Mombi. In the long days, they spend together, they grew close and fall in love. When Ozma is thrown into the Dark Lands, he is lead to believe that she dies. Only... he knew her as a guy and she is terrified that he will not love her as Ozma.

When Ozma finds him, she doesn't tell him right away who she is. Together they set on a journey to kill the witch and the wizard and find out the truth along the way.

The romance is just the sweetest (and steamy AF:)). I love the story, from the first page I was hooked and couldn't look away. :) It's the kind of story you have to devour in one swoop. :)

received from author
Faeries of Oz #3
June 2nd, 2021 by Midnight Tide Publishing
retelling, Oz, romance

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