Dead Meat: Day 7 by Nick Clausen

I think this is the longest series I am keeping up with. :) ( I don't usually keep up with the long series & I don't like zombies all that much. Dead Meat seres is proving me wrong on both counts. :) ). And the most mindblowing part? It's getting better. :) 

Dan, William, and Otis are on their way back. There is a slim chance that they might stop this horror, and they are going with it. On the way, there are a lot of zombies, a few new people, not all who make it through. :) 

Iver is on the run with supplies when he gets stuck in the attic with a boatload of zombies around. He gets saved, but he is not sure to trust new people. 

There was a lot of Dan in the story, (which I loved - he is my favorite.. and I really hope he doesn't die :), with a few other groups sprinkle in between... I'm looking forward to how it will all come together. :)

The story is fast paces, I had to read it in one swoop... I just had to know what happens. The intensity is at the top, the stakes a higher, and the hope of outbreak to ever stop is very, very slim. 

The story ends on the biggest cliffhanger ever. I couldn't believe there are any more pages after that... and now I can't wait for the next day. :)

Highly recommend the entire series!


received from author
Dead Meat #7
April 3rd, 2021
horror, zombies

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