Book of March

 I love spring. There is something magical about watching the world around me wake up. The flowers are starting to bloom, the trees are getting greener, the air is light and the sun is shining. 

I've read 12 books last month. I had days where I would just read and then came days when I would totally ignore books. 

It was also the month to binge-read a series, that was

long overdue: Relentless, I've finally read the rest of the book in the series, usually, I read just the original three. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed, I count even finish the last one. Don't get me wrong, first three (Relentless, Refuge, and Rogue) are one of my all-time favorite books, but the rest, I really, really didn't like. From now on, I'll just read 1-3 and ignore the rest. :)

I've read Dare, it's the third book in Pixieland diaries. I've really enjoyed the adventure of Calla and Dare, but a tiny bit disappointed because Dare didn't shire so bright.

One of my favorite this month was for sure Immortal Illusion. I'm a sucker for vampires. :) It's kind of traditional, but not really take of folklore set in the beautiful backdrop of Transylvania. 

Aaand I finally read Six of Crows. I mean I've read I a long time ago and didn't like it at all... I saw a lot of talk about it, so I gave it another go. It's still not my all-time favorite, but it's really awesome. :) The writing style takes a bit of getting used to.

How was your favorite book last month?

happy reading,


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