Shifting Islands by Greene M. Wills

Baroness has been in labor for two long days. Baron was hoping for a boy, an heir. To the surprise of everyone, she birthed two kids, a boy, and a girl, but only the girl survive. Baron was beyond angry, he was hoping for an heir, so he did something quite different, he decides the child was a boy and swore everyone to secrecy. 

Nikos was raised as a boy. In the 17th century, that was a great advantage. He got an education, and most importantly freedom, to do as he pleases, to pursue his goal and life. 

The story follows the child as he grows up, tries to find himself (and herself). It's a unique journey but by no means the easy one. Growing up is hard to do, especially at that time in history. And switched genres just made it a whole lot more challenging. Like when she got the first period and had no idea what was going on, or when she went out with the boys and had to fake being drunk in order to avoid, having to sleep with a girl. When her mother gifted her a dress and wanted to see how her daughter would look like, it opens a new path for her. When she starts to travel around, she uses different identities and gets herself and herself in quite a lot of trouble. :)

It's a story of finding yourself and finding your place in the world. 

I loved the storyline, but the writing was not my favorite. I had trouble reconnecting to the story. 

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August 23rd, 2020
historical, romance
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