Reading Diary || week 10

It's been a year. Actually, it's has been many years. I lost everything I had, all that I was, and that it was important to me. I couldn't finish school, even thou it was something I worked for, for so so long. Your kind of have to remember basic math to be able to do science, right? :) I lost control over my body, ability to do all I wanted. And on top of that, I blamed myself. I can hardly walk, it must have been something I did, I'm too tired to get my own water, I probably eat something funky... not the best of most helpful thing. Anyhow, February was the first month in I don't even know how long, that I felt like myself. I don't want to jinx it, but I think I'm getting better. Even if it's at a snail pace, I'm getting somewhere. 

And when everything else gets better, I read more. :) Today was kind of do all the little things we didn't do over the week kind of day. And read outside, it's finally getting warmer. I still have to wear layers and do run inside frozen over after an hour, but it's so worth it. :) There something about reading outside, that is just magical.

I finished Shelter for the Damned in the morning. The story started
out great. Three teenagers are looking for a place to smoke, away from everyone, and find an abandoned shed. Shed that it's not just shed but something way eviler. I was so into the story, in the beginning, the premise sound awesome, but then... I don't know. It wasn't a bad story, just not what I expected... 

Then I read a short novel/story Mara's Awakening. I also had high expectations for this one, but it kind of felt flat. Not good, not bad. I thought it would blow me away, I love when books do that. :) 

I had to read something good after, if I read just OK book one after another, I get into the biggest slump, so I decide to finish Six of Crows. :) I loved it, it did
blow me away & surprise me. The style of writing is very different than I am used to it. It's not fast or to the point, the storyline comes out slowly, the world is building and the characters developed, and before you know you are in the middle of the action and totally hooked. :) I like when books do that. Do something totally different and wow me. :)


It's was a lazy kind of afternoon and I was in the mood to read. I just got an ARC for  Immortal Illusions, by Alexa Whitewolf, and decided to give it to. Only to look up many hours later, to the dark sky and realize that the afternoon had passed me by, while I was totally sucked into the story. Is there any better way to spend the day? :) The vampires, the folklore, the settings, I was transported into a very different place.

How did your week go?

happy reading,


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