Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

You that book that you have to read over and over again, that book that puts a smile on your face regardless of how many times it's been read, that book that makes you giggle and swoon, and that book that you want to start again after you turn the last page? Obsidian is that book for me.

It's magical. :) I'll admit it's not without faults and cliches (lots of them), but I don't notice those when I'm reading because it pulls me in, the world melts away and I feel like I'm there with Katy and Deamon, I'm annoyed with Deamon and in awe of his power and it leaves me feeling happy and always wanting more. 

Katy moves to West Virginia with her mother. Her father died three years ago and her mother decided that they needed a change. They moved next to the house of gorgeous twins, Deamon and Dee. Katy immediately finds a friend in Dee and an enemy in Deamon. They seem to always clash, no matter what the topic, but there is some kind of attraction underneath. 

When after yet another argument, Katy runs from him and steps on the street she gets almost run over, but Deamon miraculously saves her. After he is forced to reveal his secret and the story spirals from there.

Maybe a guilty pleasure read, but an extremely addictive one to say the least. :)


Lux #1
May 8th, 2012 by Entangled Teen
ya, urban fantasy, aliens, romance
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