Music & Mirrors by Candace Robinson

Since I loved the first book in the series (Lyrics & Curses) I was beyond excited to jump in the second one. 

The first thing to note, the covers are both so beautiful <3.
Second I love this series.<3 

As I've come to expect with the author, the story is incredibly unique - every time I pick one of her books, I'm surprised by how each is one of kind, nothing I've read before, and I'm all for it! 

In the Music & Mirrors, we jump through the mirror and follow Ridley and Leni. :) Now back home they have to be punished for what happened. But there might be a chance to end it all, but the road there is long and twisty. :) While I still like the first one a little bit more, this one is awesome in its own way.

The story dives deep into the characters, seeing the way their world works and getting to know them, I got to understand and care for them (let's just say I wasn't a fan in the first book :)). The world through the mirror is incredibly unique and well build. I was fascinated by how it all words - the worldbuilding is awesome. :) 

My favorite is the music, how big of a part it has, and how it brings it all together. :) 

Now that I finished it, I really have to go back, and binge-read both. :)


received from author
Cursed Hearts #2
March 17th, 2021 by Midnight Publishing
number of pages


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