Immortal Illusions by Alexa Whitewolf

Saying that I loved the book would be an understatement. It's the perfect blend of mythology and modern-day, and of romance and mystery. 

The author has a talent for creating characters that jump out of the pages, that feel very real, the kind that you can't help but fall in love with. For me, Immortal Illusion is the best book of hers, I've read so far. :) 

Vampire royalty, descendants of Dracula, the princes, and princess have moved back to Transylvania. In order to stay hidden from normal people, they move from time to time. When one of the sisters gets unexplainably sick, Nicolae goes to get a local doctor who treats humans and vampires alike. Only he is dead. 

Tassa lives in the village, and helps his father, with his work. One night he gets attacked and killed in their home and she barely makes it, with the little help of Nicolae, who was just a little too late to save them both. 

He takes her to the castle and asks her to heal his sister. 

Tassa is torn by the mystery of his father's death and trying to help Violeta, there seems to be a lot left to be discovered. 

My favorite part was the family dynamic between all of the vampires and I hope to see more of that in the next books. :)

Nicolae spends the last too many years numb to the world and Tassa makes him feel again. It's a slow burn but ends with an explosion kind of a romance, and I'm all for it. :)

Highly recommend it!



received from author
Lost Royals of Transylvania #1
March 21st, 2021 by Luna Imprints
urban fantasy, paranormal, vampires, romance
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