Children of Blood and Bone

Another day, another long-overdue review. I've been behind on my review and readings and books and all the stuff since forever it seems. My goal for the first third of the year was to catch up. I'm doing good so far, only like 10 or 15 more books to read before it there. :)

It would be easier to do if there weren't always new exciting shiny books to read... :) I got loads of books for my BD back in December and I'm still reading through them. 

Recently I've read Children of Blood and Bone. I'm still not totally sure if I love or like or it's just meh. There were some awesome parts, that I absolutely adored, like the magical system and the whole king took all the magic away, and the characters, Zelie and prince and her brother and his sister, all messed up in their own kind of way, doing wrong stuff, but think it's good... The adventure was another awesome side, I felt like I was reading a magical Indiana Jones adventure set in Africa.

Things that I didn't love, was the pace mostly, something the story was lightning speed fast, sometimes it kind of dragged on and on and on. 

So in the end I'm not sure, but want to read the next one. :)

In the land of Orisha, there used to be magic. One night magic disappeared, Maji were killed and hunted ever since. 

Zelie lost her mom that night, leaving her with the head of hair that betrays what she might be able to do if the magic existed, brother and father. When she recklessly saves the princess it starts an adventure across the lad to restore the magic and turnover the ruthless king, but she and her little group are hunted.

Crown prince Inan, who is basically controlled by his father is on a mission to retrieve his sister and destroy the scroll that brought back the magic in Zelie and as he painfully discovered him. Through the story he seems to struggle with two sides of him, the one influence by his father, poised against magic, and the other with Zelie and his magic. 

That ending though, was something else and not what I expected, but is not so good way. 

I kind of liked it, it could have been a lot better. :) 


March 6th, 2018 by Henry Holt Company
ya, high fantasy, magic
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