Books of February

 It's was the hardest, it was the bestest and it was the weirdest month. :) And I was in a very, very good reading mood. I've read 16 books, some good, some awesome, and some OK. Here are some that stood out this month.

I listened to the audiobook after I saw a video about reading more. And you know what, I discovered that I actually kind of like audiobooks, and got to read so much more. Who would have thought? :)

When the book got really good, I pause the audiobook and read on the book, and then the next and another after that. :) It's been a long time since I've read/listen to the Obsidian, but there is something so addicting about that book, and I read the #2 Onyx and #3 Opal in the evening. It's was along the night. :) 

But totally with it. Though, I still think that the first book it's a lot better than the rest. :)

I've read The Duke and I, because I adore the Netflix show and loved it. :) OK, there were some icky parts, but all in all, it's such an addicting book, and I still have to read all of the other books in the series. :) And after I finish that, I had to read Pride and Prejudice again. I'm not sure if because of the time period, od that Simon reminded me of Darcy or what, but got the strongest urge to do so. :) And it's still as awesome as the first time I read it. :) 

At the beginning of the month, I've read The Perfectly Fine House and it blew me away. In a world where ghosts are part of life, there is a disturbance, where they can't go. It outs the whole ghost thing on its head and I was all for it. :)

For the longest time I couldn't figure out what Under A Lavender Moon reminded me of, but then it clicked The hundredth Queen. :) It's not similar, but it has a similar vibe, a badass girl going against the grain. :)

Crow is the second book in the Faeries of Oz series. It's just so good. One of my favorite retellings... ever. :) I love books that take a wheel know story and put it on its head. :)

 Another series I'm up to date on is Fairy Tales of the Magicorum.  The book #6 just came out, Fire and Cinder

and it's sooo good! :) The entire series, it's so good. :)

And the last book of the month was Children of Blood and Bone. I have a few mixed feelings about it. I love the worldbuilding, lote the storyline, the power of the character, the whole magical system -adore. The writing though, dragged a bit, especially in the middle. But I'm going to let that go because the ending was awesome. :)

Have you read something awesome last month?

happy reading,


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