Words Composed of Sea and Sky by Erica George


 Michaela is dreaming of going to art school, as a poet, that school would be a great fit for her and it's the school her father went to. Their a workshop that she wants to attend, but her stepfather refuses to pay for it. Their relationship is very tense at best.

So she enters a local contest searching for a poet to write the dedication plaque for a statue honoring Captain Benjamin Churchill. local whaler and poet. While searching for clues she finds a diary of Leta Townsend, who portraits a very different picture of what happened then.

Part of the story is set in the present and past in the past, follows Leta. 

It's a very interesting story, I enjoyed it very much, it was a bit slow in the middle, though.


received from Netgalley
May 25th, 2021 by Running Press Kids
romance, historical fiction, ya
number of pages

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