The Perfectly Fine House by Stephen Kozeniewski and Wile E. Young


Such a unique story! 

Death doesn't mean the end. Ghosts are everywhere, an integral part of everyday life, they have jobs, apartments, raise grandkids, and so on. It's a normal thing that after you die, you just keep on sticking around. :)

Donna runs a surrogacy agency with her absent ghost partner. If you fall in love with a ghost, you can go to her agency and hire a human, for the ghost to possess a human, so the couple can enjoy corporal parts of the relationships. :) 

She is a workaholic, working literally all the time. When she is hospitalized with a panic attack, her long-dead twin insists she takes a break. Even though dying is no big deal when you know what comes next, the break might not be so bad. 

He recommends a house, a little bit of the grid. It's a strange house, there are no ghosts there. In a world where ghosts are normal, that is a scary thought. It's getting weird, the ghost are acting funny coming close to the property and her brother can't even visit her. She decided to investigate, with the help of her hot exorcist friend and what they find out is not very hopeful. Their world is changing.

It's like a reverse haunted house story. I love the way the story takes the concept and puts it on its head. :)

The writing is great and I had so much time reading it! :)

Highly recommend it!


March 16th, 2020 by Grindhouse Press
paranormal, ghosts
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