The Rings of Mars by Rachel Foucar



This is how a sci-fi book should look like! :)

People are colonizing Mars, with the second ship about to launch. Going through rigorous screening and a lot of luck, the new crew is picked. They spend last year training and think they are ready for what comes. :) Jane wants to start over, escape her old life, and leave it on Earth, with a new name and past she is really for an adventure. 

After a little bit of time on the ship, it becomes clear that the voyage will not be the smoothest. There is someone on the ship trying their hardest to sabotage it and it's up to Jane and her close friends to use all her skills to find him and stop him.

I just love writing. The story and the characters jumped from the pages and I felt like I was right there with them. My favorite part was the life on the ship, the dynamic between the characters, and who they all dealeth with isolation. It's masterfully done!

I love the story, but the ending is just heartbreaking. :)


received from author

happy reading,


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