Sweet on You: A Filipino Christmas romance by Carla de Guzman


The story is set in Fillipiness during Christmas time. Sari runs part of the family business, the cafe. She is very good at making coffee taste amazing, but her pastries could use some work. :) I love her personality, she is passionate, driven, and kind of a grump. :)

Gabriel moves to the shop next door and opens a new bakery. His pastries are to dies for and he has something to prove. However Sari sees him as a treat to her shop, so they engage in a silly prank war. But the more time they are messing with each other, the more time they want to spend together. 

I love the setting and the storyline. Enemies to lovers is one of my favorite tropes and I would have loved to drink one of her coffees. :) However, the writing wasn't my favorite and I'm not the biggest fan of the ending...

received from Netgalley

October 19th, 2020 by Carina Press
contemporary, romance

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