Perfect World by Shari Sakurai

In the future, the world is not as it was. Because of climate change, tsunamis, all kinds of natural disasters, and wars almost destroyed the world and wars.

The story is set in London. Eric is a perfect agent of L.S.A, genetically engineered to be a hero. He fights and protects the city from Adam, son of a billionaire, who is genius and uses his powers for bad, to take the city from L. S. A.

Somehow they end up together, but instead of hating each other, they fall in love.

This is how I always imagined, a lot of superhero movies should end (like Batman and Joker, there is definitely some chemistry there:) and Superman and Lex Luther). That was my favorite part of the story. :) It was just perfect. :)

It's a classic superhero vs. villain story, with a fun little twist. :)

While I like the storyline and characters, especially Adam💜, I had a hard time connecting to the writing style.



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Perfect World #1


dystopia, sci-fi, romance, LGBT


September 26th, 2015

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