Fallen by Alexa Whitewolf


My favorite duo is back. :)

Fallen is the first book in a brand new series Demoni Sancti. We follow Dante and DaymonπŸ’œ as they faced the aftermath of Katya's choice. She is Flama, being born every 500 years, that has to choose Hell or Heaver for the world. She burned the world in flames. 

They are not sure if she is alive or dead, but things are bad. Dante gets a very cold reception in Heaven. He notices strange things happening. And the same happens to Daymun. Nothing feels the same, as before his 25 years on Earth.

Back on Earth, in order to investigate, they discover bits of the truth, of what is really going on and it's not good. It will be up to them to try and save the Earth.

I love the writing, it's face-paced and witty. And I just love characters, they are the complete opposite, maybe that's why they work so well together and their interaction are hilarious. :) But... Daymun is by far my fav. :)

Great start of the new series, looking forward to seeing more. :)

received from author

Demoni Sancti #1

November 21st, 2020 by Luna Imprints
urban fantasy, paranormal, angels, demons

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