Dirty Tactics by Emma Salah


She wants him, he wants her too. The only problem she is his best friend little sister and off-limits. There is undeniable chemistry between them like you could catch on fire being near chemistry. 

She has two weeks to convince him and he has two weeks to convince her of the opposite. But she doesn't play fair. :) I loved the dynamic between them, the intentional crappy stuff Zay did, that he knew will piss her off, like bringing her flowers. :) But they got frustrating at times too. 

It's a steamy story, with a lot of fun parts between. However, I didn't like the flow of the story, and the pacing seems to of at times.

received from NetGalley

The Dirty Thomas Siblings #1

July 20th, 2020, by Carina Press
contemporary, romance

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