Better Believe It by Fern Ronay

Jada is very unhappy with her life. She has a husband, a child, and a great job. And she likes to post about her perfect like on social media. But the reality is that she doesn't like her husband anymore, she finds motherhood very demanding and on top of that, her relationship with her mother is very strained. Instead of doing something about it, she rather escapes into her phone.

In her dreams, she spends time with her dead grandparents. With how her life is going, they feel like it's time to bring in the big guns, her dead cousin Gina. She is straightforward and doesn't mince words. She pushed Jade to take charge of her life before it's too late.

Jade doesn't remember the dreams when she wakes but gets a strong gut feeling to do something.

It a very familiar story, very fitting of our times. It's so much easier to get lost on the phone, to live your life through social media than to actually live it IRL. I found the story very eye-opening and moving. 

Jade was a hard character to like, but Gina on the other hand is my favorite in the entire story. :)
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December 3rd, 2019 by Red Adept Publishing
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