Chasing Ginger by Marie Lavender

Ginger doesn't fit in regular size clothing, and it's getting to her. When she sees an ad for a miracle pill that suppose to make her instantly attractive to the opposite sex, she jumps at the change. 

And against all expectations, it works. She arranger a speed date, that ends up with her running from a group of men, that all want her, right into the arms of Lance.

Lance is a successful businessman, who seems to instantly like her. But isn't the pill, or does he just like her for herself. 

Ginger is a very complex character. She has so much to offer but constantly puts herself down, because of her size. Lance seems to be like a perfect match for her but filled with self-doubt and bad self-image, it's extremely difficult for her to accept that.

The romance, it's slow to develop but incredibly sweet. 

I really like the premise of the story and the storyline itself, but I wished the pace was a bit quicker. The story seems to move very slowly at times. While I liked Ginger and Lance, I wasn't the biggest fan of the dialog.

rating 💜💜💜
cover 💙💙💙

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