Hex, Love, and Rock & Roll by Kat Turner

That was a lot of fun to read. :)

Helen is a character that you can easily relate to, she is about to face bankruptcy and desperately wants to save it. Last case resort, hiring a witch to cast a spell for money, what could possibly go wrong? :)

Only she has magic, that brought her nothing but trouble growing up and she tried very hard to forget. and when that magic wakes up, she has no idea how to use... so instead of good luck, she puts a spell on her rock star crush. :)

The more they try to break it, the worse they make it. And spending all that time together... it leads to some feelings. :) I love the romance! And magic! 

Looking forward to seeing what happens in the next one. :)



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Coven Daughters #1


paranormal, romance


September 15th, 2020 by City Owl Press

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With a business skidding toward bankruptcy and a bone-dry bank account, Helen Schrader is willing to do the unthinkable. But what will happen when she hires a witch to cast a money spell?

When the spell sets in motion her own latent magic and her inexperience causes her to accidentally hex her celebrity crush, rocker Brian Shepherd, all that good fortune she hoped for flies out of the window.

Now, Helen and Brian struggle to break the curse and tackle their growing feelings for each other. The problem is, the harder they fall for each other, the deadlier the curse becomes.

But as a dark magic cult with an unquenchable thirst for power closes in on them, the couple will have to face more than just their inconvenient desire. With time running out and danger mounting, can they beat the hex before Brian becomes its next victim?

“Turner sets up a promising world that readers will be pleased to return to in subsequent installments. Paranormal fans should check this out.” – Publisher’s Weekly

If you like Darynda Jones, Karen Marie Moning, K. F. Breene, or Laurell K. Hamilton, you’ll love this fun and sexy paranormal romance!


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