The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Does the mood affect the reading? 

For me, it can be the difference between DNFing the book and giving it five stars. I’m always reluctant to rate a book poorly because sometimes I’m not sure if it’s the books fault or mine The way I’m feeling, my mood, what is going on in real life, it affects the way I connect with the story, if it moves me or pulls me in, or if it just leaves me feeling meh.

I started Heroes of Olympus series soon after finishing Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I loved Percy (he is still one of my favorite characters) and wanted more. At first, I was so excited to jump in the new series - I liked the first series, how could I not love a new one? 

After a few chapters, I remember feeling so disappointed. It was not what I expected, it was different, there was a different vibe to it and there wasn’t even any Percy in it (duh, it was a different series, but I just couldn’t get past that). I finished the first three and had to give up on the series. 

Well, recently I read #4 book in the Trial of Apollo series and I’m in love with it (Although it took some time, getting into it). Given that I will have to wait a few months for the next one, I needed something else. My boyfriend loved the HoO series and I wanted to give it another chance. And I loved it. 

The prophecy at the of the book #5 is coming through sooner than later. Gaia is waking up and with her new set of monsters. Gods are acting stupid again, and are no help. After The Titan War, Zeus has seeled of the Gods, they can’t talk with demigods. He thinks Gods were too involved and that woken Gaia up (also, being humiliated by the 16 yeard old probably has something to do with it - Percy is awesome. :)) He is hoping if the gods pull back from the mortal world, it will somehow put Gaia back to sleep

Hera has her own plan. Especially as Juno, she thinks shutting off is not the right way, and acts on her own, picking heroes, way before the prophecy, visiting them, “helping” and making sure that they will be ready when they will be needed. It’s a dangerous game she is paying. Only time, (and more books:) will tell) if she was right.

Jason wakes up on the bus with no memories of who he is or how he ended up there. People around him are not surprised at all and act like he was there all along. Next to him is his girlfriend Piper and behind him his best friends Leo. They act like they’ve been friends for months, going to school together, but for him, it is all new. 

What is supposed to be a field trip, turn to disaster, with a wild attack of the wind spirits, and they barely make it. With help from Anabeth, they come to Camp Half-Blood.

Leo is soon claimed and Piper later that day, for Jason it’s all very familiar, but not quite right. 

Soon the three of them set off on a quest to save Hera, but as it is for all heroes, it does not go that smooth. :)

The story is told from three different perspectives: Piper, Jason & Leo. It’s different, but it makes sense. They all have a huge part in the story and reading from different sets of view, give an insight to each Hero. 

I’m so in love with the series. I like Jason and PIper, but Leo is by far my all-time favorite. :) He has spunk & I love his humor :)

The story is filled with awesome mythology, lots and lots of action, nonstop suspense & just enough info that I couldn’t wait what will happen next. :) 

No onto the 2nd one. :)




The Heroes of Olympus #1


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October 12th, 2019 by Disney Hyperion Books

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