Igniting the Ice by Alexa Whitewolf

I was waiting for this book ever since I've read about Declan in Moonlight Rogues series. There is just something about a good villain, that is irresistible, especially if he is not all bad. :) 

Declan is trapped in an underground prison by the immortals. He can't escape and can't do much of anything. He started to get dreams of a beautiful woman. When he falls asleep she visits him and they spend all night together. 

One day Ileana offers him a chance to be free. In exchange, he has to the underworld bring someone back. Easy peasy. Until he sees, that the person he has to bring back, is the same person he dreamed about for so long. 

Constanza is spending time in the underworld with the friends Persephone and Hades, enjoying her freedom and taking a long vacation.

Underworld is under attack and will take all of them to save it.

The mix of mythologies, taking well-known stories, and making a new blend, really works for this world. With each of the stories, more of a magical setting is revealed. It's very complex, with lots of elements & so good. :)

And Declan, he is just the ultimate bad boy. :) He is my favorite. :) 

I had very high expectations for his story and was blown away, by how good it was!

I highly recommend it!!!
received from Author
Flaming Rogues
paranormal, urban fantasy, romance, shapeshifters
June 20th, 2020
number of pages

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