Favorites || Cinderella retellings

One of my favorite genres to read are fairy tale retellings of any kind. I especially like anything to do with Cinderella. I remember my grandma reading it to me when I was very little. It's one of my dearest memories and it reminds me of her, a little bit, every time a read a book that has some elements of her.

I made a list of retellings, that stood out the most. Stories that took the original, put an original twist on it & made it even better. 😊

Here are some of my favorites

 It's the book that made me fall in love with the genre. 

Such a unique take on Cinderella, she is a fairy and a con artist :)

which is the darkest take on the story, I've read so far. Very, very spooky & very good. :)

Which I set in a high fantasy world, filled with magic and danger and action. 

it's very similar to the movie I love, Another Cinderella story, but it's a book, so it's a million times better. :)

What is your favorite Cinderella retelling?

happy reading,


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