Rose by Katlyn Duncan

Rose was almost drowned by something in the sea, something that called to her when she was young. Ever since then she likes to stay away from the ocean, even though she lives right next to it. :)

Rose's home is an idyllic village by the seaside. Her mother is slowly losing her memories and had to be put in a home, for her safety. She has a sister, but they don't keep much contact.

One day she sees girl jumping in the ocean. never coming up again. She just can't let it go. There is a new officer in town. And she would like to help with the investigation. Only for him, it isn't all that helpful. :) They but heads a lot.. and fall for each other. It's a very cute love story. 

I like the paranormal aspect of it, it was very interesting, however, I'm not the biggest fan of the writing style, I had a hard time connecting to it.

received from StoryOrigin
The Sister's Secrets #1
paranormal, romance, crimi
October 10th, 2018 by HQ Digital

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