Dearest Clementine: Dark and Romantic Monstrous Tales

I was blown away by this book. It's unique, and an awsome-a new favorite for sure. .)

Clementine was taken from Dorin, and while he searches for her, he writes her letters and companies them with stories for her to read. There are a total of 8 stories in the book, each very, very different, but have one thing in common: loveAnd one message. No matter what kind of monster you are, no matter what you have done so far, everyone deserves to love. 

It's just so romantic... :)

What surprised me the most, was that even though the stories were short, they didn't feel ... short. Like a complete story on its own.

I like them all so much. It seems possible to pick a favorite. The two that kept playing in my mind were Our Hearth Whiter To and Darkness Can Be Good.

Our Hearths Whiter To
She has to eat a new heart every month if she wants to survive. But with this month's target, she feels in love instead. 

Darkness Can Be Good
Frankie watched all of her sisters die. And when she starts to see her sister's imaginary friends, she knows that her time has come too. The more they talk, the closer they become. 

I adore the format,  I haven't read anything like it. It's unique and very intriguing. I like the way it gives a backdrop to the stories and pulls them together-through the common theme.

So so good!
Highly recommend it!!!
received from the Author
Letters #1
short stories, paranormal, horror, romance
August 6th, 2020

happy reading,



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