The Girl Who Wasn't There by Nick Clausen

This was scariest I've read in a long time. It's that amazing kind of scary, that's not too into your face, instead, it slowly creeps up, until you suddenly look up from the book and you are afraid to turn the lights off. :)

Andy is a 13-year-old boy, he has a younger sister. Parents always told him, that he has to watch her, that when they are not around he is responsible for her. One day they walk home from school and he wants to go to the library, but she refuses to enter. So he reluctantly lets her wait for him outside. He finds a strange new book and walks outside and she is gone. He is sure he saw her ride a bike and follows her, even sees a strange van, but she is nowhere. Just disappeared. 

It's quiet at home, parents are not talking, just barely scraping by. And he picks up the book again. It's scary and strange. And then the weird things start to happen. He is sure that there is something else responsible for his sister's disappearance, something supernatural. And he might be right... :)

It's so intense. I couldn't stop reading once I started. I had to know what happens. It's just so good. 

I highly recommend to anyone who likes spooky stories. :)
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thriller, paranormal, horror
April 1st

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