World After by Susan Ee

rating 💚💚💚💚💚
Everyone is convinced that Penryn is dead and when she wakes up, she scares everyone around her. They won a small battle at the end of the first book, but their work is nowhere near finished.

She went through hell and back to get her sister, but not that she has her, she can’t even look her in the eyes. She was messed with, from the inside out and she is not the same little girl, she once was. She can’t eat anything. She can’t touch food and is very starving. So one-day Paige attacks guys that attacked Penryn before. People are terrified of her. She looks to Penryn but she is frozen in place, so Paige runs.

After a little bit of time, she finally gets over what happened and goes after her, again. She has to make it right. Along the way she finds more about what happened to her sister, while she was with angels, where do those scorpion monsters came from and what is the purpose of angel’s attacks, at least a little bit of the answers. 

And she finally runs into Raffe. 💗💗💗
Those part of the story, when they are together, those are my favorites. :) I love their dynamic, their bickering and dialogs.

World After is in some ways even better than the first one. 

I can’t wait to dive into the last one. :)
Penryn & the End of Days #2
ya, dystopia, angels/demons
November 19th, 2013
number of pages

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