The Rebound by Lynn Stevens

Rachel Westbrook has it all, money, designer clothes huge house. The bad thing, she is known a the rebound girl. If you break up, or get dumped and want to make a girl jealous, you date Rachel. 

Rachel doesn't date for real. She has a good reason to be careful with guys. 

When she goes on a date with Adam, she takes it as a chance to change her reputation. He gets a rebound and she loses the title of rebound girl. So they have to make it look very real. The more real they make it, the more feelings arise. And soon she is falling for him.

Her father owns a pharmaceutical company works long hours. She is often led to her own devices and is OK with it. And then there is his horrible assistant. Her life goal seems to be getting into every aspect of his life. Rachel hates her and keeps warning his father. Her mother left a few years ago and what's worst, she never kept in touch.

When her maternal grandfather comes to tells them the horrible news, the web of lies starts to unfold. 

When I picked up the book,  I was sure it's going to be a light and quick read. 

It's so much more. 

There is a lot of depth to the story, with family issues, difficult pasts, complicated friendships, and love. I love the way charters evolve with each chapter, especially Rachel.

Highly recommend it!
received from Xpresso Book Tours
contemporary, ya
December 2019

happy reading,


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